2x12 - Open Back Item #: BRS-08400
$750 USD $600 USD

The Budda 2 x 12 extension cab will fit nicely underneath your combo or in a stereo rig. The corners are dovetailed and the cabinet is solid pine, which offers lots of midrange punch. Loaded with our standard Budda Phat 12" loudspeakers. Also available in a closed back configuration.

2 Phat 12 12" speakers
Solid pine construction with dovetailed corners
8 ohms
150w power handling
Open back
Weight Unpacked: 55.05 lb(24.97 kg)
Weight Packed: 63.01 lb(28.58 kg)
Width Packed: 23"(58.42 cm)
Height Packed: 32"(81.28 cm)
Depth Packed: 18"(45.72 cm)